Financial Planning Services

Investment Management

We are in the business of managing individually tailored investment portfolios.  Our firm provides continuous advice to a client regarding the investment of client funds based on the individual needs of the client.  Through personal discussions in which goals and objectives based on a client’s specific circumstances are established, we develop a client’s personal investment policy or an investment plan with an asset allocation target and create and manage a portfolio based on that policy and allocation target.  During our data-gathering process, we determine the client’s individual objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance and capacity, and liquidity needs.  We may also review and discuss a client’s prior investment history, as well as family composition and background.

Financial Planning

We provide financial planning services on topics such as retirement planning, risk management, college savings, cash flow, debt management, work benefits, and estate and incapacity planning.

The key defining aspect of financial planning is that through the financial planning process, all questions, information and analysis will be considered as they affect and are affected by the entire financial and life situation of the client.  Clients purchasing this service will receive a written or an electronic report, providing the client with a detailed financial plan designed to achieve his or her stated financial goals and objectives.

Ongoing Financial Planning

This service involves working one-on-one with a planner over an extended period of time.  By paying a monthly/quarterly retainer, clients get continuous access to a planner who will work with them to design their plan.  The planner will monitor the plan, recommend any changes, and ensure the plan is up to date.

Upon desiring a comprehensive plan, a client will be taken through establishing their goals and values around money.  They will be required to provide information to help complete the following areas of analysis: net worth, cash flow, insurance, credit scores/reports, employee benefit, retirement planning, insurance, investments, college planning and estate planning.  Once the client’s information is reviewed, their plan will be built and analyzed, and then the findings, analysis and potential changes to their current situation will be reviewed with the client.  Clients subscribing to this service will receive a written or an electronic report, providing the client with a detailed financial plan designed to achieve his or her stated financial goals and objectives.  If a follow up meeting is required, we will meet at the client’s convenience.  The plan and the client’s financial situation and goals will be monitored throughout the year and follow-up phone calls and emails will be made to the client to confirm that any agreed upon action steps have been carried out.  On an annual basis there will be a full review of this plan to ensure its accuracy and ongoing appropriateness.  Any needed updates will be implemented at that time.

Complimentary Services

We provide the following services to help improve the financial awareness of our community:

  • Estimating Family Contribution computation for college-bound students.
  • “Retirement Readiness” Check-In where we review your retirement plan to see if it is on track.
  • Second Opinion – We will review another advisor’s recommendations and provide feedback on how we would approach the issue be it the same or different. Sometimes having a second person agree with your plan gives an added measure of comfort when implementing it.
  • Fifteen-minute phone consultation to address issues that can be solved with a fifteen-minute conversation. No sense in nickel and diming someone over something simple.

Additional Services

As an added service we offer tax preparation, resolution, and representation services to clients to help tackle Federal, state, and local tax issues.

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